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Tips for an anniversary gift

Are you out of ideas for your special one on that special day? ¡Here we are going to give you some! Here’s a “classical” idea with some twists.
You will need:

  • – A jar, it could be whatever jar you have (a mason jar, a coffee jar, a jam jar…) The size will depend on how many papers you will put inside and the size of those papers.
  • – Colored paper, construction paper or a few cardboard of different colors.
  • – A pen or markers.
  • – Things to decorate the jar with (stickers,paint, glitter, some fabrics, laths and others things you like to put on)





We will start by separating the colored papers and give them a classification.


the red ones are the things that i love about you, the green are things i’ll love us to do in the future, the yellow ones messages to make your day a better day and the white ones are memories of you and me. (You can do this ones or whatever classification you like) And we will write this order on the outside of the jar so our significant other will know what the colors mean.

Then we are going to write the messages on the papers,cutting them into small sizes and folding them. I recommend doing 365 messages one for each day of the year but you can do as many as you like.
Here’s a few ideas for how many messages do and the meaning:


52 Messages, one for each week, or as many as you been together, like if you’ve been together for 3 years that’s 156 messages, if you been together for 5 years that’s 260 messages. Another great idea is doing a number that means something to both of us, also explain in the outside of the jar why you pick that number.


The last step is putting all those little papers in the jar, closing it and if you’d like, decorate it. You don’t know how to decorate it? Need a few ideas? You can put paint and glitter inside the jar and shake it well, then turn the jar down and let it to dry; once your jar is dry you can put stickers on the outside or leave it like that. A great combination is a dark blue paint with gold glitter and stickers of stars and planets. You can get as creative as you want. If you don’t like that idea, with some fabrics you can cover the top of the jar with them and then with a lath ensure the fabric well to the top, make sure your jar is still able to close and open well.

Also, just with the lath and the jar close put the lath in vertical or horizontal form all across the jar and tie the lath with a nice knot or a bow. But always remember the jar can be decorated in whatever ways you like or not be decorated at all and still be beautiful.

Your SO will totally love this gift because you made it with all your love. And maybe you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or you like this idea for something else than an anniversary gift, it can be a great surprise for your best friend, for the birthday of a special person, for mother’s day, for father’s or it can be for you! If you’d like to try one of these you can change the subject of the categories and put like, reasons you are my best friend, things you teach me mom/dad, or if the jar is for you reasons i’m awesome, reasons why this day will be a great day, reasons to smile, etc, and the list keep going.

The options are unlimited, we just have to use our imagination and get super creative.



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