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How to personalize your T- shirts

Hello Ladies! Summer is here and we all go through struggles when it comes to putting together outfits. Personally, I find it difficult to find appropriate comfortable gym attire, so i’ve decided to share with you some ideas to personalize those old and boring t shirts we all have hidden in the back of the closet. So let’s get started!
First we will need:

  • -A sprinkler
  • -Chlorine
  • -A few suspenders
  • -Your not so striking T-shirts (I recommend a black t shirt)
  • -And a piece of cardboard or a plastic bag
  • -Also if you want something more aesthetically appealing you can use textile paint and sponges and/or brushes


We are going to start with putting the chlorine inside the sprinkler. We are going to place our t shirt and put the piece of cardboard or a plastic bag inside the shirt so that way the chlorine does not trespass to the other side of our t shirt (I recommend if you want to paint both of the sizes of the t-shirt paint one at the time to get the absolute best results).
We’re going to roll the suspenders onto your shirt grabbing small pieces of the cloth, if you want a swirly design, you can twist the shirt a slightly and put the suspender on, then with the sprinkler were going to spread the chlorine all over the front of the shirt, immediately we are going to notice a cute discoloration on the shirt , if it’s a black one the color it’s going turn orange but it can variate. We can put as much chlorine as we like, once you’re happy with the results we can take the suspenders and watch the super cute patrons the chlorine made.

You can leave the shirt like that or you can put paint on it. For example, we can make a galaxy patron, all we are going to need is blue and purple textile paint and of course something to apply it with (in this case I recommend sponges, like makeup sponges or brushes). We are going to paint only in some parts of the shirt, this part is left to your own creativity, we can play with the colors as much as we want, also the paint is going to help cover the mistakes we might made with the chlorine. You are done, you can also add a few drops in all over the shirt to simulate stars.


Here’s another idea, with a white t-shirt and the same materials we are going to paint our t­-shirts, repeat the first steps again,you can make it many colors or just a few, make sure you don’t cover it perfectly, I like to keep some spaces white, and then with the sprinkler spray the chlorine all over the shirt,The suspenders are optional.
You’re new t­-shirt it’s ready to go. But remember to wash it and let it dry before wearing it :]



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