How to lower down your Auto Insurance (6 Images)


Tricks auto insurance companies don’t want you to know

Want to do Auto insurance but want to save some money as well?If yes, then i have a few tricks to save some of your money.People pay allot of money for their auto insurance,not realizing that their are many tricks and offers to take advantage of.Before applying for insurance you must have to do some research on internet and compare the rates on different sites and check different money saving articles.There are many tips and tricks to save some bucks and here i will share some of them with my viewers.

1. It Helps if you are a woman
When it comes to the discount for car insurance rates, then the woman wins this battle.Yes, women pays less than men.Its because of many reasons and the studies have proved that women pay 13% less than man do.Which mean that in their whole life women pay up to 15,000 US dollars less than the men.


The reasons behind this can be many and most popular ones are that men drives more aggressive than women and the accident ratio is also higher in men because of this.Driving history has an important role in lowering down your car insurance and if you have a safe driving history then it will help you allot.

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