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Crayon candle.

These are great for decoration especially around the holidays where you can do a color theme! These are beautiful for table centers, or wedding gifts,

For this you will need

• Multiple crayons
• Clear wax
• Scented wax cubes if you wish
• Glass candle holder
• Dixie cups
• Double sided adhesive
• And toothpicks or Popsicle sticks

You can start off by attaching your candle wick to the bottom of your glass candle with your double sided adhesive.


Now peel the paper off of all of your crayons and break them all into around 4 small pieces. Each individual crayon should be placed in it’s own dixie cup! After you’ve put the pieces of your crayons into their own designated cup, fill the rest of the cup with clear wax and your scented wax cube if you have one! (if you do not have a scented wax cube, the candle may not have a distinct scent)

Place your cups in the microwave and heat for around 2 or so minutes. If the wax is not fully melted microwave it for 15 more seconds at a time until it is. Once the wax is fully melted stir with a toothpick or Popsicle sticks.

Once your wax is stirred pour it into your candle holder. If you are using more than one color for one candle to get the layered effect make SURE you wait to make sure each layer fully hardened before adding another. If you try to speed up the process by putting it in the fridge then your wax.

If you’re impatient it’s a good idea to make multiple candles at a time because it can take up to around 15 minutes for each layer to fully harden. This is a lengthy process, so while you’re waiting you can catch up on the Tv show you’ve been meaning to watch!


This is a WONDERFUL gift for, and from anyone, for a birthday, or Christmas, or even an anniversary. It’s super easy and is inexpensive! They’re also great for your own personal use if you love candles! They can be scented or unscented, if you have allergies. and it’s completely safe.
I recommend Crayola crayons if you have small, into-everything children, because it’s safe if ingested. If your child has eaten any other brand of crayon, or even to much of the Crayola, you should call poison control immediately for further instructions. Keep out of reach of children, and this will be one of easiest, and cheapest ways to make candles your own style. I love this idea, and it’s a wonderful gift for friends, and family. These candles are AWESOME and beautifully colored, and you can choose whatever color you desire! If you love candles, and bright colors this is definitely for you! can possibly crack, so it’s best to be patient.



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