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Ciera Swaringen has birthmarks all over her body and is proud to be different (13 Images)


Ciera Swaringen Was Born With Birthmarks All Over Her Body

A 19 -year-old Ciera Swaringen was born with rare skin condition and birthmarks has embraced her body conditions and is proud to be different from others. Ciera was born in 1996 with mole like birthmarks on all of her body. She was diagnose with a disease which hit one out of 500,000 people and is called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. In this type of disease body gets covered by mole like birthmarks. The biggest birthmark on her body is from her Navel to her thighs.

What exactly  congenital melanocytic naevi is?

congenital melanocytic naevi is a type of  benign skin tumor which is composed of melanocytes nevus cells which are present at birth or they can develop with the passage of time or age.They may increase in size with puberty.

People used to taunt her very much and specially her school fellows, which made her more strong and finally she started loving her body by saying, “Every one is born different”. Ciera said people used to call her dirty and other stuff. She also said that many teenager boys called her “You look so dirty, go and wash your self”. As a kid I had to bear many taunts regarding my skin which used to make me very upset but now at the age of 19 i have started loving my body and I am proud to be different from all other people. Every one should feel some different in their selves and I am proud to feel it in my self.” she said,

Ciera said, those who know me don’t say anything about my skin, when ever I walk in my street and when ever I go for work at the shoe store, those who know me are used to my skin and don’t say anything about me, but its very difficult for me to meet new people because they have never met someone with a Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus.


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