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30 Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos (30 Images)

30 Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos Ever Wedding photo-shoots and the poses are perhaps the best planned and most thought by the bride and groom. But sometimes, things are not executed as well, as they have been planned and result in most awkward photo fails. We have collected some of the most awkward wedding photos. Be […]

You Won’t Believe What WalMart Cameras Captured (7 Images)

You Would not Believe What WalMart Cameras Captured Walmart has placed some cameras all over their place for the purpose of security and prevention of theft. However, they did manage to capture some of the really hilarious images of all time. Check these out. It is said that the African-American people tend to have most […]

The 20 Most Awkward Moments Caputred in Sports (10 Images)

While the sports photographers work very efficiently and try to get a shot of every move, so as to show the audience a complete pictorial review of the game, some of them have captured the most awkward moments during a few sports. Check out the following images. Weightlifting Weightlifting is definitely one of the most […]

Ugly Babies Who Grew Up to be Beautiful Celebrities (10 Images)

1. Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston, Texas on 4th September 1981. She is a multi-dimensional personality, working as an actor, song writer and singer. As a child, she started off by participating in various dance and music competitions. She rose to fame in 1990’s. Beyonce has won 20 Grammy awards. Quite a […]

Shocking, Doctors Couldn’t Find the Baby After Performing an Emergency C-Section (5 Images)

Doctors Couldn’t Find the Baby After an Emergency C-Section Medical science and surgical procedures have become more of money making processes rather than life saving procedures nowadays. Doctors, without paying attention to critical details of patient’s current situation, split open the person, even when it is not necessary, just as it happened with an expecting […]

This Woman Has Been Pregnant for TWO YEARS! (7 Images)

Woman Who Has Been Pregnant for 24 months Every one was is a state of shock when news about Angie Dellora of being pregnant for two years went viral over the internet.Every one was in state of disbelief to think about the pain she had to bear for 24 months.Angie Dellora carried a baby boy for […]