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At Only 17 Years Old Jaden Smith Announces That He Is (1 Images)

17 Years Old  Jaden Smith Announcement At the  age of only 17 years Jaden Smith announces that his primary goal of life is to do something exponential for entire planet, something which is healing, which remove all the ills from the world.However, in 10 years from now, smith plans to disappear entirely from the limelight, and […]

Shocking, Doctors Couldn’t Find the Baby After Performing an Emergency C-Section (5 Images)

Doctors Couldn’t Find the Baby After an Emergency C-Section Medical science and surgical procedures have become more of money making processes rather than life saving procedures nowadays. Doctors, without paying attention to critical details of patient’s current situation, split open the person, even when it is not necessary, just as it happened with an expecting […]