At Only 17 Years Old Jaden Smith Announces That He Is (1 Images)


17 Years Old  Jaden Smith Announcement

At the  age of only 17 years Jaden Smith announces that his primary goal of life is to do something exponential for entire planet, something which is healing, which remove all the ills from the world.However, in 10 years from now, smith plans to disappear entirely from the limelight, and do whatever he plans to do secretively. He said that people will never know about him, where he is what is he doing, how is his personal life. Although he would be doing something extra-ordinary thing for this world, it would not be evident that what exactly it is. It is this because of which Jaden decides to live his life, and express whatever is in his heart because after a while, we won’t be hearing much from him.

While people strive their entire lives struggling through odds and ends to reach their life goals and become inspiration for someone; this story is about a young teenager of only 17 years old who has already made his way to the list of most influential people. Jaden Smith, the young rapper and an actor, has been considered as one of the most influential teenagers, according to a survey of the most widely read Time’s Magazine.It was then, the team of Time magazine decided to take an interview of him, to get to know about his life goals aims and ambitions, and above all, his perceived philosophy of life which made him such inspiring young man.
When Jaden was asked about the most propelling thing of his life, he had an interesting reply that being born is itself the most propelling thing ever happened to him. People often tend to laugh at his thoughts, and tend to criticize him for being what he is, but young Jaden is never disappointed. Instead, thinks that criticism is good, because all the famous personalities were once being criticized in their lives. He says new things are never easily accepted by people. More amazingly, he thinks that it’s pretty cool to know that people can have such bizarre thoughts about a pretty harmless kind of person.


jaden smith announcement at 17 years


The influential teenage actor is going to be of voting age the next year, when asked how he feels about, being grown enough to give verdict about who should rule; he replied, “I would say that I am excited, but I would also say I am not”. It’s because each coin has two sides. On the upside, it’s good to be a part of the group who can decide the future of themselves, but somehow, it has a downside, that vote counting is not satisfactory, and people are under a general perception, that their votes might not get counted.
However, he expresses his fondness for a female leader of the country. He said this thing has not actually occurred in a while, so a change is needed, and it should be welcomed. He thinks that change is in-evitable for the evolution of this world.

Jaden Smith is also found many times walking in the street wearing female dresses. Jaden Smith’s father Will Smith was recently asked about his son decision about wearing women’s clothes.Will Smith defended his son’s decision in the best possible way and tried to prove himself as a supportive father by replying that his son is fearless and doesn’t care what other people think of him,He has freedom of speech and expression and we will not snatch this from him, said the 47 years old Will Smith.

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